In addition to General Meetings and Special events, AWBS members can enjoy special interest activities together. Activity groups are formed by members who are interested in pursuing their personal interests and hobbies with other AWBS members. Activity Leaders coordinate weekly or monthly events for their Activity group and post the details (date, times, places, costs, etc.) on our website.


Adventures Abroad is a constantly changing mix of women who get together to travel, explore, shop, and above all, have fun.

This was Botticelli Babes - now renamed Art History.


Take a short break to some of the most beautiful places Britain has to offer, tour iconic cities and historic buildings, enjoy our famous national parks and find out how Britain evolved into the place we live today.

If you and a group of friends have a special interest hobby and would like to organize a short break (home or abroad), please contact me to discuss.

Better eating for a healthy Life

The only requirement is a love of books and a commitment to read the book being discussed. There is no charge and no full year commitment. You are welcome to attend whenever you’re available.


Although the southeast is one of the more populous areas of the country, we are just steps away from some of the most stunning scenery in the United Kingdom. Miles of paths criss–cross the landscape, making all areas of this charming country accessible.

Classes include all materials, just show up and have fun. You will be shown how to do everything -perhaps homing some existing skills or learning something new. Anyone can take part, even if you have never crafted before, as there is something for everyone. Beautiful, exciting and unusual things await you. You can sign up for just one class or as many as you like. Sign up at general meetings or contact Alicia for more information.


The English History Group provides a forum for AWBS members to learn about the rich history and culture of Britain. Each term (autumn and spring) we organise four lectures and a field trip.

There are occasional one-off special events which are priced separately. Payment is by sterling cheque or cash (exact amount appreciated).


Discover Yourself!!! What makes me truly fulfilled? What am I capable of excelling at? What is my formula for happiness and productivity? What is unique about me and what do I want to spend my life doing? Come and learn everyday tools to answer above questions and discover your own unique spark!

Learn to speak French! Are you thinking of travelling to France while you are living in the UK? Do you speak some French and want to improve your skills? Are you a fluent speaker and want to converse with others? Either way, joining an AWBS French class is a great way to improve your language skills, meet new people and have fun. Separate classes are offered to accommodate all skill levels. Typically, classes are held for Beginners and Advanced Beginners (who have had some exposure to French).


Ladies Golf Coaching Clinic

Our beginner and improver sessions are aimed at providing a fun and social environment from which to learn the game. You’ll receive expert help on all areas of the game from our PGA Professionals Richard Bishton and Ben Ross, and gradually gain invaluable on-course experience.


Untangle the jargon in photography so it makes sense and take control of your camera to achieve the photos you want.   Learn the essentials of photography, Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed on your own camera with a combination of class based theory lessons, lots of practical exercises outdoors and homework.  Small class sizes to guarantee help when you need it.  These courses covers both day and night photography from Beginner to Intermediate level.

Come cook - it's fun and healthy.
Get in touch for information.

Home Décor and Antiquing (formerly Antique Antics) is all new this year.


Its flower arrangement styles offer limitless possibilities for self-expression. Ikebana is learning about and studying plant material for its individual beauty, and to create an

arrangement that is one of a kind. There are so many possibilities to discover in the creation. You will be guided to look at lines, space, texture, color, shapes and form.

New term details will be posted on the AWBS website and at the General Meeting sign-ups in September. There will be six classes per three month term.


Just a train ride or carpool drive away, outings are typically within the hours of the school day so Moms return in time for school pick-ups.  Our group enjoys landmarks, the arts, and walking tours.  Many outings include teas or optional lunches.  The schedule of outings is listed below.  See the links at the bottom of the page for more information.

The Living Art workshops combine an approach to awakening your heart with an experience that can change your life. The Living Art process of painting gives you your own voice in paint. A little retreat from the world, yet in the world, providing you with time to be with your creative self in a small group. You need no experience with art to participate and materials are provided. We will use paper and tempra paints but you are welcome to bring any other medium you wish to use. 

LOVE LONDON will feature walking tours followed by lunch once a month in different London neighbourhoods. Sometimes the tour will focus solely on a geographic location, other times it will focus on a particular subject matter within London. The common thread is that it will ALWAYS be in London itself.


Have you ever watched people playing Mahjong, and then yearned to join them? Have you ever been battled by the game's rules? Have you ever considered learning to play? If you answered yes to the above questions then join the  AWBS Mahjong Group.

Similar to the Western card game rummy, Mahjong uses tiles and is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance.  It can be easily learned and difficult to master!

We play about every two weeks at the home of one of our members from 10 AM to 12 PM. Coffee and cake are offered.

Train your mind to create happiness, peace and success: Meditation Made Simple™ is a life-transforming programme, taking place over 4 two-hour sessions in which you learn to practice a variety of meditation techniques in a fun and interactive environment to bring joy and happiness to your life. For details of upcoming courses, see Do you want to be happy? Do you want to live a stress-free life? In 4 short sessions that are fun, easy to learn and highly effective, you gain everything you need to live a happy and joyful life.



Join us to be active in philanthropy!

Come along to make tea for the old folk and cheer them up! Keep an eye on this activity to have fun while supporting your local community with your time rather than just collecting money for a good cause.

Are you weak and want to get strong? Are you strong and want to get stronger? Have you been injured in a Pilates class that didn’t allow for the fact that many people don’t have the strength and control to perform the most basic Pilates exercises safely. The reality is just like everything we learn in life, it’s necessary to start at the beginning. You had to learn your abc’s in order to form words, and then make sentences. In Pilates you need strength in your abdominals and back muscles to do the exercises correctly and safely.

From expert to novice, all are welcome.

Are you one of those people who have secret stashes of fabric swatches, wools, embroidery silks or half completed projects languishing in a cupboard somewhere?  Are you someone who is working on a project and would enjoy a natter while you work?  Are you missing doing something with your fingers but just can't think of what to do?  Did you always fancy learning to quilt or tat but never got round to it?

My name is Barbara and I am Italian. I love my Italy and want to share with you the special, secret side of Italy that only an insider could know. I have toured the country to find the perfect activities, places and food... everything that could make you feel at home – your home away from home in Italy. That’s why I have chosen remarkable locations, authentic villages, and cosy 'trattorias' that offer traditional, mouth-watering dishes and fine wine. Our charming accommodations include farmhouses and historic buildings.

Join us in a fun and informal way to meet and get to know other AWBS members while enjoying yummy food and conversation.
Bring a favorite starter, main dish, drink, or dessert.


We are always looking for experienced intermediate players to join us for great play, exciting rallies, and lots of laughter. Our 1.5 hour sessions take place on selected Friday mornings from 9:30 – 11:00 am at the Surrey County Indoor Tennis Centre located at St. George’s College in near-by Addlestone. Our typical format is 8 players playing doubles on two courts. After one set, we change partners with the winners on one court, and the losers on the other. We’re keeping score in the short run but it’s not a league, so while we like the competition it’s good-natured.

Join us for drinks on random Fridays -- check the schedule. All are welcome. No need to pre-book.

Are you one of those people who have said "I don't have an artistic bone in my body" but you'd really like to learn how to draw? Or did you use to enjoy drawing but haven't done it for a while? This activity is for you. Come along to this 8 week course and unlock your inner artist in a relaxed, no pressure environment.


People often say to me, when they find out that I’m a yoga instructor, “I’d love to do yoga, but I’m just not flexible enough”.  My response to that is, “If that is the case, then you definitely need to do yoga!”