English History

English History

The group at the Windsor Guildhall
The Bailiwick

The English History Group provides a forum for AWBS members to learn about the rich history and culture of Britain.
The history talks are given by an award-winning lecturer, Amanda Bryett, who is a registered Blue Badge Guide and an experienced professional speaker. She has an in-depth knowledge of the history of our local area, including the history of Windsor Castle and the British Monarchy.
Each term (autumn and spring) we organise four lectures and a field trip.

George I - II

After Queen Anne died in 1714 the Stuart dynasty which reigned in this country since 1603 came to an end. Following the Act of Succession in 1701 which stated only protestants could be on the throne, her second cousin George I in Hanover became England’s new monarch and a new dynasty was formed – The Hanoverians – a direct link now extends to this day. The problem with the Hanoverians was they all hated each other, some now even having very much to do with this country. They did however have a successor in 1837 who changed the name of the royal house – Queen Victoria!


Brexit – a word that has entered the English language and which literally divides the country! In 2016 just over 50% voted in a referendum for the UK to leave the European Union in March 2019. This talk goes over how the European Union was formed in the 1970s, the changes that have since occurred with many member states joining over the years and what happens next!

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth or The Commonwealth of Nations as it is sometimes known is an intergovernmental organisation of 53 members states (countries) that are mostly former territories of the British Empire. The Queen is Head of State of 16 nations of the Commonwealth. This talk looks as how the Commonwealth came about and also at Prince Harry and Meghan’s first official tour of the Commonwealth later this year to Australia, Tonga, Fiji and New Zealand.


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