Welcome to the Start of a New Club Year

Ladies, welcome to a sneak peak of the 2017/17 AWBS Club year.

To all our returning members we can't wait to see you at the September General Meeting on Monday, September 4th at Great Fosters. Doors open at 9:00 am.

We trust you had a fun-filled and restful summer.

Now that school’s back (the international ones at least), we are all looking forward to catching up with each other at the General Meeting and getting the 2017/18 Club year started!

To our new members, or those of you reading this and thinking, ‘should I join?' a very warm WELCOME. We sincerely hope your arrival to the UK has been painless, that all your belongings have arrived and fit perfectly in your new home, that the kids have already settled into school, and you are ready to meet new friends and have fun. 

We were all ‘new’ once, and empathise with you. All the anxiety and stress of an international move will soon pass, we promise.

In addition to our selection of interesting and enjoyable Activities, we are excited to have a few new ones for you to consider, thanks to the generosity of Members who have stepped forward to volunteer their time organising. Our monthly Pot Luck Lunches kick off on September 15 thanks to the generosity of one of our members who has offered to host in her home.

AWBS is known for it’s high quality Guest Speakers and this year’s schedule promises to inspire, delight and entertain! We also have a brand new fundraising event, in addition to several other fundraising ideas we want to run by you at the September meeting.

The Preferred Business Network has grown in number and diversity (AWBS members love shopping locally and supporting small business), while we look forward to continuing to build strong relationships with the 4 local charities we support.

My diary is ready to receive the Newsletter so I can fill it with a variety of activities, and I’m planning on attending the September Pot Luck, and I look forward to meeting you. May I suggest you do the same?

If you are new to Berkshire/Surrey, please contact our Membership team at membership@awbs.org.uk for information about our September General Meeting and how to become a member of our wonderful club.

On behalf of the Board, you’re very welcome to AWBS,

Best wishes
President, 2017/18