Spring is back along Dickens' memories

What a lovely spring day welcomed us back from the Easter break!

Whether you stayed home or travelled during the break, we are now into the last part of the year and starting to think ahead to our summer break. For some of us this means a final effort in our jobs, for others it is in supporting our children in their exam season: a glass or two will help with the stress (for you, not them!) but for all it is with an eye for the time to regenerate in the Summer.

And what could be a better way to put ourselves back on track, than a nice morning spent with our AWBS friends at the April General Meeting?

Today we enjoyed the warm welcome always extended to our club from Great Fosters and with our BOB friends who make the event even more enjoyable with their beautiful merchandise and shopping suggestions.

A number of activities were on display today, including some very 'new' ones, from reusable food wrap crafting to IT skills club. Wouldn't it be nice to try them all if we only had the time​!​ Perhaps in this last part of the AWBS Year we should make that time for ourselves. Check out the website for some great outings to London including a trip to Chinatown and a Theatrical Tour.

Our General Meetings always offer us a morning with room for thinking and self education, courtesy our great speakers’ talks. Today we had the pleasure of listening to Lucinda Hawksley, passionate biographer to her great great great grandfather Charles Dickens, one of those few writers who have enjoyed the same enthusiastic appreciation in their own time as Dickens had in his time. A 'classic', you might say!

We learnt how much of his work, his depiction of memorable characters, memorable stories and observations of Victorian England were inspired by his full life and ample net of numerous family bonds.

On 14th May we are having a Royal Wedding Party (otherwise known as a General Meeting). It’s the last one for this AWBS Year where we say goodbye to our friends for the summer and look forward to seeing everyone again next September in order to swap stories of the break and get ready for another super AWBS year. Don’t miss it! You will be able to have your picture taken with Harry and Megan who are coming to the party in spirit…. Prepare to be amazed!

Also, don’t forget to buy your ticket to our Hats and Handbags fashion event extravaganza on 3rd May. You can buy on-line. Don’t worry if you don’t have a hat – a tea cosy will do …

Tiziana and Nina