October General Meeting - Mixing Business with Fun

Autumn in Great Windsor Park

October is such a gorgeous month. The trees in and around Berkshire Surrey are changing and the colours are simply stunning. The gardens at Great Fosters continue to delight as spring flowers starting preparing for their winter slumber.

AWBS General Meetings are when the Club is invited to gather on a monthly basis, to hear from the President and Board Members, to sign up to activities and tours, catch up socially with others and to be entertained by our Guest Speakers.

Our coordinator for our Best of Britain shopping experiences each month has been busy evolving the established component of the General Meeting with huge success! It’s worth knowing that 100% of the fee each Best of Britain vendor pays to participate goes directly to our Philanthropy fund. In addition, they donate a prize for our Member raffle. Members have time to shop before and after the business part of the meeting and everyone’s happy.

Activity Leaders are always on hand to answer questions and accept sign ups, as is our Membership team. We welcomed a few more new members at our October General Meeting, one of whom is returning after a two year absence! That brings our current membership to just over 200, and of course we look forward to welcoming many more as the year progresses.

The business part of the meeting included an update from the President on ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Board activity and initiatives. Our VP Philanthropy introduced us to the great work Support 19 and The Clubhouse Project do supporting teenagers and young adults with learning needs. These are two of our four Charities AWBS is supporting this year (Your Sanctuary and Bracknell and District Parkinsons are the other two)

We were honoured to welcome CEO of Your Sanctuary and present her with a cheque from monies already raised through one of our term-based activities. We heard first-hand where they money will go and the huge impact it will have on the lives of the families who access the services of Your Sanctuary.

Our Guest Speaker, the gorgeous and witty Caroline Feraday started her chat with a ‘reel’ of her work stretching back to her early days as a teenager on BBC Radio Kent eager to ‘get into the industry’ right up to her most recent work in Los Angeles.

Caroline is one of the lucky ones who knew at an early age exactly what career she wanted and are passionate about what they do.

She entertained us with stories about her days as the Flying Eye reporter in a small winged plane (and you though they used helicopters!). She’s presented from the Red Carpet at the Oscars and it is not as glamorous as it sounds or looks on screen. Currently living in LA, she’s treading the boards doing stand-up comedy and wooing the crowds.

She shared her online photo album with us, reminiscing about who, what, how, where and why she met them. From Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, Victoria Beckham - the list goes on!

Her chat with us concluded with her reading a beautiful poem by Maya Angelou titled Call Letters Mrs VB. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Sure I’ll sail them.
Show me the boat,
If it’ll float,
I’ll sail it.

Yes, I’ll love them.
If they’ve got the style,
To make me smile,
I’ll love them.

‘Course I’ll live it.
Let me have breath,
Just to my death,
And I’ll live it.

I’m not ashamed to tell it,
I never learned to spell it.
Not failure.

The meeting was brought to a close, and Members continued chatting and shopping and slowly groups disappeared to various local lunch venues or home to walk dogs.

If you would like to join in the fun each month with this fabulous group of women, please contact membership@awbs.org.uk.

For more information about the businesses and/or charities discussed above:
Great Fosters Hotel www.greatfosters.co.uk
Your Sanctuary www.yoursanctuary.org.uk
Bracknell and Districts Parkinsons www.bracknellparkinsons.org
Support 19
The Club House Project http://www.clubhouseproject.org.uk
Caroline Fereday www.carolineferaday.com

'Til next month,