Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

From expert to novice, all are welcome.

Are you one of those people who have secret stashes of fabric swatches, wools, embroidery silks or half completed projects languishing in a cupboard somewhere?  Are you someone who is working on a project and would enjoy a natter while you work?  Are you missing doing something with your fingers but just can't think of what to do?  Did you always fancy learning to quilt or do cross stitch but never got round to it? We meet at one of our fellow stitchers' houses from 10 to 12 every few weeks.


Pins & Needles 6

At this meeting we will continue work on the quilt. The picture is my first ever square, not yet complete. Looks a bit wonky - but it is my first one! Rita has managed to sew 16 while I haven't even finished one! The next step is to cut and sew the inbetween strips and then the border. I feel this is going to be fiddly, a steep learning curve for me! Finally, we attach the backing and do the actual "quilting" bit. Is there anyone out there who loves doing this part or has skills in this area who would like to help?

Pins and Needles 4

Please join us for the first session of 2018!
One of our intrepid ladies is about to start her second project already!!

You don't need to have attended any sessions this year. All are welcome, whatever your skill level.

If you have a project in mind that would use up a vast collection of double knitting wool, I would be eternally grateful. My cupboards are bursting and it would be great to use some of it up!

Pins and Needles 3

Our two sampler stitchers are on their way! Work has commenced and next time we will put up photos of where they've got to ...

This is our third meeting. Everyone welcome.

It's a little late to be making something for Christmas, but this little robin might do ... There are kits to convert a small embroidery into a coaster or little box. On the other hand, you could start something which might be ready for Christmas 2018! That's usually the timetable I work to.

Pins and Needles 2

We're finally on our way ...

Two of our ladies have chosen our popular sampler depicting recognisably English pictures: Letterbox, phone box, policeman and so on. We've had to order fabric, needles and a couple of colours but at this session, they will begin.

Please join us to start your own project. Rita and Nina will be starting a quilt for auction at the end of the year proceeds going to charity. We need help!

Nina and Rita

Pins and Needles 1

Our first meeting - do come so we can get this new activity going!!
We will choose a group project for auction for charity plus something for you to do at home.
We look forward to seeing you - you don't need to bring anything...

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