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AWBS International Women’s Club

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Use of the Club Name, Logo, and Membership Directory: The names AWBS International Women’s Club, AWBS, its logo, tagline and its membership directory and the information contained therein, are not to be used except as authorized by the Governing Board (the “Board”). They may not be used for commercial or personal gain, or to support or endorse any political, business, or religious group.


Membership dues are payable in British pounds Sterling and are effective for one year, from July 1 to June 30 (the “Club Year”). The amount of the dues is set by the Board. Members (whose membership has technically terminated as of June 30) may be allowed to continue to participate in club activities until October 1 at the discretion of the Board (“Summer Extension”). The Summer Extension may be revoked at any time. The Summer Extension allows members to participate in any activities scheduled during the summer, and also allows members to renew during (or shortly after) the first club meeting in September. With this sole exception, AWBS does not allow memberships to be carried forward – memberships last for one year and must be renewed at the end of the one-year period.

Membership dues are non-refundable, and membership is not transferable. There are no refunds of dues even in the event of revocation of membership. It is not possible to freeze membership accounts during periods in which members might be unable to participate in AWBS activities for any reason. Annual dues help cover the cost of General Meetings (including speaker fee and venue hire), special events, the website, insurance and other administrative overheads.

The AWBS newsletter is considered an essential part of being an AWBS member and all members will receive it unless they choose to opt out by changing their email preferences in their Member Profile.

Data Protection

AWBS has a Privacy Policy and complies with the GDPR. The most recent version is available on the AWBS website.

Acknowledgement and Understanding

By becoming a member of AWBS, you acknowledge the provisions set out above and specifically you acknowledge and understand that AWBS strictly prohibits commercial activity by its members within the club, or the use of the membership directory for commercial purposes. Failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions will result in immediate membership revocation by the Board.

Release Waiver

I understand that neither AWBS nor any of its representatives or members are responsible for any injury, accident or property loss that may arise out of, result from or relate to any AWBS related meeting, activity, or any other organised event, whether in person or virtual (“Event”). I waive all claims, causes of action and damages against such persons for personal injury or property damage which may arise out of, result from, or relate to my assistance/participation in, or my traveling to or from, any such Event.

By joining AWBS, you acknowledge and accept and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions and all of the policies and procedures of the club as agreed by the Board and modified from time to time. All these documents are available on the website.

These Terms & Conditions updated 13 June 2020

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